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Firming Facial Mask
Firming Facial Mask
Firming Facial Mask

Firming Facial Mask

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What is Firming Facial Mask?
✔ Effectively replenish facial collagen

✔ Shape facial contours and lift your face
✔ Shrink pores and increase skin elasticity
✔ Low cost, low maintenance


Q: How long can one tub last?
A: One tub weighs 100g , it can typically last for 2 months with an average usage of 30-35 times.

Q: Will my face return back to normal if i stop using?
A: Likewise for any other beauty products, it requires maintenance. If you stop using the mask, it will not rebound immediately. However, twice a week usage is recommended to maintain your desired result.

Q: How long to see effect?
A: You can see results in one week’s time, on a daily basis usage! There are clients who see results in just 3-4 days time!

Q: Can I use if I’m pregnant/breastfeeding?
A: Yes definitely! It does not consists of any harmful chemicals and works like a normal mask.

Q: Is it suitable for eczema?
A: If your eczema works up, you may want to let it subside first before you continue using.

Q: Is it suitable for sensitive skin?
A: As for sensitive skin users, we will recommend you to try the product on the back of your ear or hand first to see if there's any negative reaction to it. Till date, most of our clients with sensitive skin are able to use.

Q7: Is it locally tested?
Yes, this firming mask has been tested and certified by SGS-Singapore.